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Now, the obligatory about me page, where I do my best not to sound cliché, but ultimately fail.


I have never been a bartender.  I am not a sommelier.  I certainly would never claim superior expertise on libations.  Yet, here I am starting my own cocktail website.  There probably are not enough of them on the internet already…


So, what is the purpose of this site and why have I undertaken this?  My aim with this platform is to introduce people to unusual alcohols.  To do this, I’ll discuss various aspects of the drinks, provide some information on the region it comes from, explain how to incorporate it into a classic cocktail, give a novel cocktail recipe, and show how it can be used in cooking.  Don’t worry though, the recipes are near the top so you can scroll down quickly.  I have zero expectations that you will want to read background information on every spirit and its region of origin.  If you're interested though, I hope you check it out.  However, I recommend stopping on the photographs, the highlights of each page, many of them are by Sarah Lyons Photography.


Now, why did I start this?  Well, I’m always looking for interesting side projects.  When I clock out at 5, I get to try and flex some creativity, while taking a slight edge off the day.  During a pandemic, what could be better than a good cocktail and sharing that treat with others.  In addition, I wanted to try something a little different with the site in comparison to others.  You can get some background information if that’s what you want.  Then you have the two drink options because one is never enough on a Tuesday.  Finally, I love cooking and baking so why not bring a little more alcohol to those endeavors.  And, this is just the start.  I imagine what’s on the site will evolve over time as I find more ways for it to occupy my time.


If you’ve made it this far and you still care, you may be wondering, why call it The Collarless?  The truth is I’m anti-hipster, but love almost all things hipster, except fixed-gear bikes.  The most hipster thing I own has to be my collection of collarless button-down shirts.  Sarah, my wife, found one while shopping in Edinburgh in 2016, and since then I’ve been hooked.  Nothing keeps your neck cooler on a summer day.  Pair a collarless shirt with a cocktail made from an unusual libation and the self-loathing hipster is in full bloom.



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