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Have you ever wanted a cocktail tailored to your preferences? Have you ever had difficulty coming up with a new cocktail based on ingredients you have? Well, The Collarless has an answer.

I want to create a custom cocktail menu for you. Whether you're having a dinner party or just want a few new drinks to have at home, this is your option.

What you'll receive and the process:

A standard menu includes three cocktails and costs $25. You'll receive a personalized PDF that includes a menu, instructions on how to make your drinks, and pictures of them.

Once you submit your payment you will receive a PDF that has instructions and an example menu of drinks never published on my website. From this PDF you will gain access to survey with questions that will allow me to tailor a menu to your preferences.

Please allow for up to seven days to receive your menu from the time you submit the survey. For example, if you want the menu by Friday, fill out the survey by the Friday beforehand.

The drinks in your custom menu are yours. I will never post the recipes in or make them available to anyone else. I may use pictures of the drinks for promotional purposes, but the menu is yours.

I look forward to creating custom cocktails just for you.

Head over to my Etsy shop to to order your custom menu!

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