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"Acadian Hickory" is the third drink in the "Smoke Series." Lousiana Cajuns were forced from French-speaking Canada in the 1700s and were originally called Acadians. The sazerac is probably the most famous drink to come from Lousiana, so I created a Canadian version with Canadian rye and maple syrup to acknowledge that history. I fit this cocktail into my smoke series by smoking the entire cocktail in a cloche after making it.

For the drink:

-1 1/2 oz rye (Alberta Premium Cask Strength)

-1/2 oz calvados (Boulard Calvados Pays D'Auge VSOP)

-1/3 oz maple syrup (Wild Four Vanilla Bean Infused)

-2 dash Peychaud's bitters

-1/2 bar spoon orange blossom water (Baraka)

-1/8 oz Absinthe rinse (Wigle Absent Minded)

-Hickory wood chips


Lemon peel


Rocks Glass

Place your glass in the freezer for several minutes. Add the hickory chips to a fire-safe vessel and have your kitchen blowtorch and cloche ready. Add the all the drink ingredients to a cocktail mixer add ice and stir until chilled. Pour the absinthe into your chilled glass and swirl to coat the glass then pour out the remaining liquid. Pour the cocktail into the rinsed glass through a Hawthorne strainer. Garnish. Ensure both the glass and the vessel with the hickory chips can fit in the cloche. Ignite the hickory chips and when they begin to burn blow out the flame and immediately cover the cocktail and the chips. Allow to absorb the smoke for 45 seconds to a minute (or longer for a smokier drink). Serve.


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