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"Cottonheaded Ninnymuggins" is next in the advent calendar. As a huge fan of ELF, I wanted to come up with a themed cocktail. I based it on the four elf food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. While I knew it would be nearly impossible to make a "good drink" based on these four things, the resulting cocktail was better than I expected. I used crème de cacao for candy, crème de menthe for candy canes, a simple syrup made from candy corns for candy corns, and blue agave syrup for syrup. The ice spheres mimicked the snowballs from the fight and I added the ELF hat garnish to finish it off.

For the drink:

-1/4 oz crème de cacao (Tempus Fugit)

-1/8 oz crème de menthe (De Kuyper)

-1/4 oz candy corn syrup

-1/4 oz blue agave simple syrup

-3/4 oz orange juice



Lime peel

Lemon peel


Tom Collins Glass

Combine all the cocktail ingredients except tseltzer in a shaker, and shake for ten seconds. Pour through a Hawthorne and fine mesh strainer into your glass. Top with seltzer. Garnish


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