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"Fire in the Sky" is the seventh cocktail in the "Smoke Series." This cocktail gets the smoke treatment by expressing an orange peel into a flame over the cocktail.

For the drink:

-2 oz añejo tequila (ArtNOM Selecion de 1146)

-1/3 oz aged rum (Equiano)

-1/3 oz elderflower liqueur (St Germain)

-1 oz fresh orange juice

-1/3 oz fresh lemon juice

-1/3 oz fresh lime juice

-1/2 oz smoked pineapple simple syrup*


Orange peel



Make the simple syrup ahead of time. Place your glass in the freezer. Combine the drink ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake for 10 seconds with ice. Pour through a Hawthrone and fine mesh strainer. Heat the orange peel with a flaming match, then express the orange peel into the flame. Add the orange peel to the drink.

*Start your smoker and get it to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. While it is heating up, cut off the top, bottom, and outside of your pineapple and score it with a knife. Smoke for 2-4 hours. You can taste along the way to determine your desired flavor profile. When done, dissolve 200 grams of sugar in 250 grams of water. Set a sous vide to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Add 400 grams of smoked pineapple to the simple syrup in a ziploc bag, remove the air, and cook for two hours. Strain out the pineapple chunks and squeeze them for extra flavor. Reserve in the fridge.


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