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This is my interpretation of the signature challenge from episode 9 of the Great British Bake Off's 11th season: the rum baba. For patisserie week, I made a cocktail variation. I based this recipe on a traditional flip to mimic this rich creamy miniature cake. The vanilla vodka and orange bitters add some nuance to the drink.

For the drink:

-1 1/2 oz dark rum (Myers)

-1/2 oz vanilla vodka (Absolut Vanilia

-1/2 oz simple syrup

-2 dashes orange bitters (Regan's)

-1 egg


Nick and Nora

Put your Nick and Nora glass in the freezer. Combine all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker without ice. Dry shake for 45 seconds. Add ice until three-quarters full and shake for 5-10 seconds. Double strain through a Hawthorne and fine mesh strainer into a Nick and Nora glass.


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